Our core business is the acquisition of detailed information and provision of personalised support to our clientele, from the acquisition of a property through to handover to the end investor.

We value our partners greatly. In return, we expect reliability and impeccable ethical and moral standards.

What our investors need, first and foremost, are high-quality services and prompt, professional handling of their business.

The tenets of our work are quality, creativity and commitment. Thanks to our network of contacts, which extends throughout Europe and includes both institutional and private investors, at MARKTINVEST REAG S.A. we are well-placed to react to our customer's requirements.

It is vitally important that the properties concerned meet a specific set of criteria:
  • A forward-looking location
  • Existing potential for growth
  • Good access to infrastructure
  • Pleasing architectural design
  • Excellent tenants
Immutable, traditional values form the basis for our decisions.

MARKTINVEST REAG S.A. is a strong partner for project developers and investors who have high expectations of themselves and their network in terms of quality and ability.

Our international network is a key feature of our success. Our location in Luxembourg, known around the world as a leading financial centre, provides an excellent foundation from which to develop this network.

MARKTINVEST - Real Estate Advisory Group S.A.