Property requirements

I. Type of property:

  1. Rented office premises in established office locations
  2. Shopping centres and city-centre retail facilities
  3. Hotels with long-term, index-linked lease agreements, hotel operators with strong credit ratings
  4. Logistics facilities with long-term, index-linked rental agreements
  5. Retail parks with long-term, index-linked rental agreements
  6. Healthcare properties
  7. Residential properties
Among the investors who turn to MARKTINVEST REAG S.A. are final investors and co-investors looking to get involved in projects that are currently still under development. In cases where the advance rental situation is strong, forward funding is also possible.

II. Locations

MARKTINVEST REAG S.A. is a pan-European service provider, with a core focus on the German and Luxembourg markets. We are currently on the look-out for office buildings and new development projects in the core areas of the Germany's Big Seven cities and western European capitals. When seeking out locations for retail, logistics and healthcare properties, we take account of the established usage-specific requirements for such sites.

III. Volumes

Investor interest is currently focused on properties with a minimum volume of Euro10-15 million. There is keen demand for properties in the Euro 20-50 million range. There is no actual upper limit, as long as the properties remain fungible for the market and continue to have access to finance.

IV. Returns

Return opportunities are very specific to both markets and properties, and are always defined in direct consultation with the investors whom MARKTINVEST REAG S.A. advises.

V. Residential properties

Residential complexes, combined residential/commercial properties and residential packages with a volume of Euro 10 million upwards continue to attract high levels of interest among investors.

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